January 28, 2020

How to advertise on and Domain with Cubbi

Getting your property advertised on and Domain is step one for landlords in Australia.

But it can be a confusing process. There are so many different types of listings, and so many options…not to mention there are plenty of property managers or companies claiming they can provide you with a good deal or a better price.

Unfortunately, those deals aren’t always the greatest value. Even though your property might be advertised on and Domain, your costs might be too high for a listing that doesn’t get as many views as it needs.

After all, you want to reduce your vacancy rate as much as possible. But if you buy the wrong type of ad, it can cost you thousands in vacancies!

So I want to give you a brief explainer about the different types of ads on so you can fully understand what each of them do. Then, I’ll explain why I think Cubbi provides you with the absolute best value for advertising your rental property on

(And by the way, if you’re already using Cubbi then you should keep reading too!)

The different types of listings on

Not all property listings on are equal. In fact, there are four different types of listings:

Standard listing

This is the basic listing you can buy. It costs you the least amount of money, but it often means your rental property will end up several pages deep in the search results for your suburb.

Feature Property

These are a little more expensive, but they’re seen before all the standard ads in searches. You get a photo carousel with them as well in the search results.

Highlight Property

These listings are again a little more expensive, but they also put your property in front of where tenants search first, even before the “featured” and “standard” listings. You get big photos, four times the size of a standard ad, too.

Premiere Property

The most expensive type of listing, Premiere listings put you at the top of all search results, and you get the largest ad on the page as well. Your listing will also rotate to the top of search results every 15 days.

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