January 28, 2020

What’s been happening with Cubbi

Things have been happening at Cubbi HQ!

We’ve received a bunch of publicity and some recognition for the work we’re doing in making life easier for both tenants and landlords.

First up: Last month we accepted an award – being named in the top 200 Westpac “business of tomorrow” awards, as a business that is helping shape the Australian economy for the future.

Tenants cashing in on airbnb

In the photo below. Behind the lady in the blue you can see Jason in the white shirt (no jacket) doing a bit of networking.

Tenants cashing in on airbnb

We’ve also received a fair bit of publicity lately, including a mention in! Check out the article here.

Landlord dashboard design

We’ve also made some changes to the way Cubbi works online.

Overall it’s much simpler to add new tenants into Cubbi and start renting your property.

When you click into your property, you have three clear options:

  1. Advertise your property or make changes to an existing ad.
  2. Add new tenants into Cubbi. Use this option if you already have tenants in your property or you’re looking to switch to Cubbi from an agent.
  3. Tenancies. Click into one of your tenancies to manage your property. See rent payments, print reports and send receipts and other options like renewing the lease, storing documents, download rental forms and find trades people.

We hope you like the simplicity...  

Tenants cashing in on airbnb

Payments page design

The payments page has also been given a nice little update which makes it easier to see the progress of payments we’ve deducted from your tenant’s bank account and following them into your bank account.

This has been a big issue we’ve faced over the last few months with our payment system. We’ve spent a fair bit of time making the whole processing more transparent so you know when the rent should reach your bank account. Check out our new guide.

We’ve made the status of the rent payments more obvious by separating Upcoming, Pending and Completed/History of payments so it’s really easy to see everything running to plan.

We also calculate when the rent should reach your bank account taking into consideration bank transferring times and days.

Tenants cashing in on airbnb

This is a small update compared to what you’re about to see in approximately 2 months. More about that in a minute.

Tenant Dashboard

Did you realise how much your tenants want a dashboard to see what’s going on?

We’ve had a huge amount of feedback from tenants wanting to see more in their Cubbi portal so we decided to give it a facelift with a few extra features thrown in too. It’s really easy for your tenant to see upcoming payments and all previous payments.

It’s also much easier to report maintenance - delivered straight to you with options to request a Cubbi tradesperson.

Happy tenant, happy landlord!

Tenants cashing in on airbnb

New feature – switch from an agent

Previously we just had a guide on how to switch from an agent to Cubbi. But this was so popular, we decided to include it as part of our service!

If you know anyone who is upset with their agent tell them to jump onto Cubbi and suss us out. We do all the heavy lifting – they don’t even need to have the yukky ‘break up’ conversation with the agent.

Select if you’re switching from an agent, or managing privately and want to move your current tenants into Cubbi.

Tenants cashing in on airbnb

Big news coming up

In my Christmas email I sent last year I mentioned a big upgrade to Cubbi coming early to mid 2017. Well, we are almost there!

We’re a little bit behind schedule because we wanted to sneak in a couple of extra things you’ve been asking about.

Without giving everything will be able to rent your property with Cubbi easily from your mobile anytime using the latest and best technology meaning a nice smooth experience.

If you’re interested in seeing this before the final release and you’re looking to list your property and onboard new tenants into Cubbi in next month let us know.

No more TimeSaver & Pro Plans

Out with the old, in with the new. If you’re a long time customer of Cubbi you’ll remember our Time Saver and Pro Plans. We have stopped offering these plans because our new service is much better and more value for money.

If you have a property or two on the current Time Saver or Pro Plan I urge you to switch over to our new service. Email we’ll change you over straight away (there is no option in the Cubbi portal). Read more about what we now offer here.

As always we are listening to your feedback and welcome anything you have to say. Have a great day.