Seamless payments

Frictionless and instant payments are unique to Cubbi. Hello transparency and goodbye late payments

Instant Payments

Unique to Cubbi and available to customers with banks allowing the'New Payments Platform' (NPP) payments, our Instant Payments through theNPP mean late payments are drastically reduced, making all payments realtime (within 1 minute), 24/7, eliminating any transfer issues that tenants may have. We also apply a payment clearance buffer, meaning that the tenant is asked to pay the rent a few days before it's actually due, all to ensure the you always get therent when you expect it.

Late Payments

1. Proactive features - Late payments are proactively deterred by enabling instant payments, buffer clearances and automatically retrying failed payments after 24 hours.

2. Notices - Cubbi will also send late notices when tenants fall behind rental payment and if needed, recommend termination steps. If for some reason things get worse, Cubbi offers advice and support in the best ways forward.

Extra Charges & Payments

1. Other payments - If you want to handle other payments like water or electricity, you can easily do this through Cubbi.

2. Reporting payments - All payments are automatically reconciled into your personal reports account, allowing you to quickly pull information for your accountant or tax purposes.

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